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Metal roof mounting styles

The metal roof mounting process requires different styles and several binding clips. These are the components responsible for keeping the roof on the structure. Examplesareshownin Figure 2-3a and Figure 2-3b. The exact style and dimensions of the binder will depend on the roof to be installed and the design requirements of the roof. the roof mounted in a constantly windy area requires a different conservator and distance from those installed in a colder environment. Other considerations, such as snow and ice loading, and building codes, may also change the type and amount of fasteners and clips required for any installation.

Figure 2-3a Typical Fasteners

Figure 2-3b Various Clip Examples


common roof accessories will be a module part of every installation. Every installer needs to be familiar with such common accessory installations as vents, curbs, and pipe penetrations.Depending on the job or location, the installer will also need to be familiar with installation of accessories like skylights, snow guards, and solar panel mounting. Be aware that some of these accessories will require fasteners that may not be a part of a standard roof installation. The support structure (Figure 2-4) for the roof is responsible for holding the weight of the installed roof, including the substructure
and any insulation or accessories. This support system must also take into consideration additional roof loads from wind, snow, ice, roof-installed equipment, and any foot traffic the roof will experience, and transfer those loads to the structure. The support structure usually is a framing system of wood, metal, stone, or concrete.

Figure 2-4 Support Structure

Each member of this “family” must be selected and installed properly in order for the roof to provide the protection, performance, and life expectancy for which it was designed. Each of these components will be addressed and discussed in more detail, and from an installer’s perspective, throughout this manual.

“History of Metal Roofing”

(1) “Earliest Usages”
More than 2,000 years ago, smiths
hammered out small roof plates of metal.
Throughout its history, into the present day,


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