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4 valid reasons for thermal insulation

Thermal İnsulation

Although the intensity of the questions about the autumn and the heat insulation has increased, the questions have also increased as to whether this is a necessary expenditure. Thermal insulation is not an expenditure but a form of gain. Why should thermal insulation be made? We will answer the question in a way that will illuminate you.

It can provide energy saving up to 60% in the thermal insulation, and even up to 85% in passive housing.

If you try to sell a house that belongs to yourself, the value of the house increases; This process, which will increase the value of your home, will also save up to 90% when you live in your home and show how much you have done before.

Heat İnsulation

The Energy Identity Certificate, which became mandatory in 2011, defined the energy efficiency levels of the houses with the color system. For a housing you will receive or rent, the energy identity document of the house will be examined. This situation will play a significant role in the increase or decrease in the value of the house.

In order to ensure the comfort of your home, we see that not only decoration, furniture and paint whitewashing is enough, but also those who have heat insulation at home.

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