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Benefits of the baby’s mantle

Benefits of the baby’s mantle

Having a very important place among the insulation materials, the stone masonry provides great benefits to the people living in the building and when it is applied properly. Tile wrapping has many benefits, from heat insulation to fire safety. Especially in high-rise buildings, the use of this material, which significantly reduces the cost of air conditioning, is very important.

The building provides thermal insulation

There is a considerable reduction in the overall cost of air conditioning of the building after the mantle cladding process. If this insulation process is carried out by specialized firms such as Kanyon Building, it is possible to benefit the most with minimal loss during wrapping.

Thermal insulation, a valuable process, directly affects the health of the people living in the building. The use of a product, such as stone, is also important from a safety point of view.

Sound permeability between apartments

Especially in houses, it is very important to keep the sound permeability to minimum between the apartments. In a peaceful living environment, in the buildings where sound insulation must be applied, the method of mantle cladding has an important effect on sound insulation.

A smoothly carried-out mantle wrapping process can reduce the sound passage between circles in the building to almost zero. When doing this, it is necessary to make sure that there is at least a gap between the panels. Careful dimensioning of each panel requires serious labor and experience. Companies like Kanyon Building complete this process with the least amount of material fires.

In the measure against fire

The mantle of mantle prevents the growth of fires that may come out of the building. This material in the non-flammable property prevents the fire inside the building from jumping through the insulation material to other apartments. So he can secure the whole building.

A fire in an isolated room can easily be controlled without passing through other rooms. In other parts of the building, it does not create a heat difference, preventing it from holding.

Prevent moisture build-up

Thanks to its glazed, moisture-tight properties, it prevents moisture from forming inside the building walls. This creates a significant contribution to both human health and air conditioning costs, again demonstrating how much insulation is required.

In addition to all these benefits, the prevention of the moisture retention of the structure also extends the life of the structure. Keeping concrete sections as far away from moisture as possible will help prevent dangerous situations such as premature concrete fatigue on the premises.

Protect your living spaces with waterproofing

In particular, the work of mantle cladding in the roof areas prevents any leakage of rain from the roof. In this way, the leaks can be easily repaired without any damage to the interior.

Likewise, the mantle cladding, which also occupies an important place in the circles, allows any damage that may occur in the installation through the wall to be easily detected and repaired without reaching the living quarters. The leak can be trapped in the damaged area, avoiding potential material damage.

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