Best Heat Insulation Methods


Examine the best thermal insulation methods in 6 steps. All of these methods are methods that you can apply to your homes later. By following these steps, you can lower your bills and get a more comfortable living space.

In this way, you will avoid wasting.

1- Sheathing process: 

It covers the exterior jacketing or interior jacketing. Sheathing is the process of covering walls from inside or outside with thermally insulating materials.

2- Correct Glass / Window Selection:

Using double glazing in your windows is important for both sound and heat insulation. The detail that escapes from attention is the thickness of the glass. Many homeowners prefer thick glass in all rooms of the house to protect from the cold effect in winter. This is not the right method, because the thick glasses also cut off the sun’s rays. For the best thermal insulation, thin glass should be preferred on the south-facing facades and thick glass on the north-facing facades.

3- Roofing:

The roofs of some houses may not have been built or configured to be used for different purposes. It is very difficult to maintain the temperature in such houses.

4- Roof Transfer and Roof Repair:

Your existing roof may have been deformed over time. However, during the first construction phase, heat insulation may have been made without consideration. In such cases, your roof will not have more functionality than water drainage or minor heat insulation.

The roof transfer process is a comprehensive study covering all these details. Roof repair is normally called the process of removing partial deficiencies of your roof, which is assumed to be sufficient. As a result: If your roof is not suitable for thermal insulation, it is almost impossible to maintain the ideal room temperature.


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