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Chimney Repair

Chimneys as much as chimneys are important parts of buildings. Damage or deformation in chimneys can cause serious problems. A problematic chimney causes damage to the roof or to the building and to the chambers connected to the chimney and causes unwanted results. Therefore, chimneys and roofs should be handled and repaired every year.

Chimneys are the area where water leaks are the most experienced on the roofs. Since the isolation in the bottom parts is not done correctly or not, the water leaking from the bottom and plaster cracks damages the building. Therefore, they leak into the building and cause them to take moisture. On the other hand, the aluminum foil protects the chimney insulation from the effects of sunlight. These materials which are produced as resistant to temperatures between -50 and +50 degrees are made resistant to flue bottoms. It is best to make the insulation 50 cm wide.

If the roof is to be repaired and repaired, the chimney is repaired. However, if your roof does not need repairs, the problem can only be repaired for your chimneys if it is due to your chimneys. Chimney repair service in our company, regardless of whether your problem is large or small repairs to your chimney.

Also You Can Wooden Roof

Wood roof is both decorative and durable, and most importantly, it is a type of roof that is frequently preferred because it does not overload the buildings. Wood roof construction is an application that needs to be realized and mastered by paying attention to some issues.

Wooden Roof

Wooden roofs are preferred because the board is insulating. They spend the summer and the cold in the winter. They are more decorative and durable than brick and other roofing materials. In addition, because they do not burden the buildings in the low-rise buildings give a healthy result.

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