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Nowadays, the notion of energy performance in structures is becoming more important than ever, due to increasing energy costs and environmental constraints. Along with this concept, the need to limit the energy losses and gains in the construction has arisen and the applications for energy conservation and sustainability in the construction sector have spread and developed.

Much of the heat losses on the buildings come to fruition on the facades. For this reason, it is very important to insulate the building from the outside as much as it is from inside and protect it against energy losses.

The energy efficiency achieved throughout the building increases building value while reducing operating costs throughout the life of the building, and at the same time it provides a comfortable living space for the residents. That’s why the increase in insulation level makes our habitats more energy efficient, sustainable and functional.

Outside sheathing systems play a major role in preventing the formation of heat bridges and preventing energy losses by wrapping the outer walls of the building all around. The opportunity to be able to form structures in the most heat-efficient manner in terms of cost advantage arises in the stage of design and construction.

1. Thermal Comfort:

The heat insulation provides a homogeneous temperature throughout the living area, reducing heating and cooling requirements. Thus, both comfortable and healthy living spaces are created.

2. Reducing Heat and Reducing Gains

Excessive heat leaks or gains from the facades of the non-exteriors may result in large amounts of energy consumption and indirect costs if this problem is not removed immediately. The outer sheathing system creates an air-tight barrier around the outer surface of the structure, thereby providing all the voids, capillary cracks, etc. that cause air losses / gains. seal parts.

3. Prevention of condensation

Coagulation between layers is due to the hot and humid air in the structure leaking into the structural parts and coming into contact with a cold surface and condensing the water vapor transfer capacity inside the surface of the resultant layer.

The application of exterior cladding system to the structure prevents the formation of condensation between layers, because the temperature of the cladding shifts towards the outer ceiling of the insulated structure and the risk of condensation in the inner layers is removed. The use of a vapor permeable insulation material allows the water vapor to pass through, allowing the structure to breathe, further reducing the risk of coagulation.

4. Removal of Heat Bridges

As the exterior sheathing system creates a continuous layer around the outer surface of the applied structure, heat bridges in existing structures are reduced to a large extent, while new structures are almost completely removed from the center. For this reason, coating the existing heat bridges (eg outer beam and column joints) with insulation will prevent significant heat losses and prevent choking.

5. Prevention of Moisture on Walls

This causes mold or fungus on the walls of the facade. In particular, the external thermal insulation system to be installed on the exterior walls of the building provides long-term protection for the construction of thermal equilibrium and renovation work on existing building components (eg retrofitting or repairing damaged plaster, scraping and reapplying plaster in poor condition, etc.).

6. Fire Protection Performance

Exterior insulation system applications made with mineral wool meet the structural fire protection requirements at the highest level. Systems using rockwool insulation boards are classified as A1 class with the highest flammability class according to EUROCLASS-European Harmonized Classification System norms.

7. Noise Prevention

According to the structures of outer wall heat insulation systems, air up to a certain degree provides a substantial noise isolation and improves the quality of life in the building considerably.


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