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Exterior Surface Problems

Yes Exterior Surface Problems, we call it scapegoats because they are the most affected facades of all natural events. In this case, the resulting costs can be quite high.


As with any job, you must disregard certain fees for this job. however, if it is worth the fee you receive for the fees you have provided, then you will not have incurred any damages. But if it doesn’t, we can consider it wasted.

In this case, the money you spend for painting and whitewashing works strengthens the structure of your building and extends its life. The money you have given in this context is definitely not wasted. In addition, you will not be dealing with these things for a long time and it will be your profit. Therefore, as a result, paint whitewash fees will not be a fee for you at all.

How are painting works done?

Then, paints and other materials determined for paint and whitewash works are prepared and painting begins. In this context, first of all, the process of cleaning the wall to be painted is made.

Then dyeing process is started. After completing these procedures carefully, all materials are collected and delivered to your wall ready for use.

In this way, you can use the walls for many years at no additional cost, you will need to do maintenance at regular intervals.


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