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What you need to know about floor İnsulation.

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What is the Polyurea Coating ?

Polyurea Coating is an extraordinary miraculous product. However, contrary to what is known, polyureas are not a cure for every problem in the insulation and coating sector. So they do not apply everywhere. For example, bitumen cannot be sprayed directly on products, or even sprayed with a primer. However, polyurea …

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Terrace Waterproofing Advantages with Polyurea Spray

Waterproofing on terrace is one of the most important issues today. Reinforced concrete structure, screed, glazed tile construction elements do not provide any water insulation on terraces. For this reason, waterproofing on the terrace matter carries a great importance nowadays. The terraces should be considered as walking and usage areas. …

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What is Waterproofing and how to apply?

The waterproofing used in the construction sector provides long-standing and durability of the newly constructed buildings. The waterproofing system must be applied from the roof of the building to the foundation. As a result of technological developments, more robust and durable materials are produced. These materials are used in all …

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4 valid reasons for thermal insulation

Thermal İnsulation Although the intensity of the questions about the autumn and the heat insulation has increased, the questions have also increased as to whether this is a necessary expenditure. Thermal insulation is not an expenditure but a form of gain. Why should thermal insulation be made? We will answer …

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Everything About The Roof

Your home is the lack of roof? What is the situation that your roof is in? What are you doing to repair your roof? Here you can find answers to all your questions in this article. Did you still go to my master page and see what we can do? …

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Roof Diagnostics

Problems in roofs can be caused by many different reasons. However, if the cause is caused, a problem on the roof will affect the entire building and will result in highly costly results. Therefore, the problems arising from a problem you do not know on your roof should be identified …

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Why Spray İnsulation

For Steel roofing insulation so important. Spray polyurethane spray spray eliminates thermal bridges and saves more energy than conventional insulation applications! But, there are more reasons to choose spray polyurethane foam insulation. 1-) Higher Insulation with Lower Thickness Lower Heat Conductivity Coefficient Spray polyurethane foam application, continuous insulation and lower …

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The Benefits Of Roof İnsulation

Roof İnsulation Roof thermal insulation reduces the heat loss in winter and decreases the temperature in summer. The benefits of roof thermal insulation are not just these. Another of the benefits of roof thermal insulation is its sound-proofing feature. It can prevent outside soundings from entering the building in certain …

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Roof İnsulation

If you are thinking about roof insulation, we will meet your expectations firstly we can not clarify this. You can take precautions against natural disasters such as rain as well as operations on the roof and dam surface. For example, the problems are almost completely removed, such as the roof …

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