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House Roofing and Finishes

The roof is the most important structure of a house. The negativity of a building; It is the building element that protects against rain, snow, hail, wind, hot and cold effects and also affects the beauty and soundness of the house.

Roofs vary according to their characteristics, models and slopes. The image of a building in aesthetic terms affects the roof image very much.

Things to Know Before Start of Roof Construction

The most important point to pay attention to before making roof construction is the slope. For this, the slope should be determined correctly before the roof is made. Because the water that flows over the accumulation must be prone to flow and if it is not correctly identified water will accumulate on the roof will constitute a risk for your house.

The choice of the material to be used in roof construction is also important. Usually wood material is used, but the roof is made of garage, large-span workplace, factory,… because of the high strength is required in structures such as reinforced concrete or steel roof should be preferred. Attention should be paid to the construction of the roof considering the earthquake regulations.

For the determination of the type of roof, the correct choice should be made with the carrier systems. Depending on the properties of the building, roof can be built on walls and columns and roof can be built directly on the ground. Here you can decide whether to use the roof or not.

Things to Consider When Choosing Roof Building Material

Roofing materials are referred to as roofing in the sector. When selecting the roof covers;

  • The roof covering material is the layer of the roof that is exposed to external factors. For this reason, it must be waterproof and resistant to climatic conditions.
  • The roof cover should be durable and durable.
  • The roof cover should be light and aesthetically pleasing.

Roof coverings are two types of roofing and multi-part roof coverings. It should be preferred according to climate characteristics. In case of high rainfall and where the slope should be low, low-part roofing should be preferred.

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