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How To Build Underfloor Thermal Insulation?

In the buildings, the part in which the maximum heat loss is structurally detonated.

In the buildings, the part in which the maximum heat loss is structurally detonated. It is known that if there is no insulation, it is around 25% of the heat losses originating from the gutters. This means you will pay 25% more to warm up if you do not insulate the roof of your building. The roof space is covered with thermal insulation materials in various specifications without the necessity of heating. It is called under roof insulation.

What Is Heat Isolation?

You can save excessive heat loss during winter months by roof insulation and prevent overheating in summer months. It contributes to sound insulation as well as heat insulation, which allows you to be less affected by noise pollution. In essence, you can make your thermal insulation with practical solutions without having to incur huge costs for your defects that require repair. Due to the nature of the material used, thermal insulation materials both reduce the risk of fire and protect against pests and harmful insects.

Thermal Insulation Materials

Insulation to be made in the roof and the insulation materials to be used vary according to the roof models. Heat insulation materials are classified into properties such as heat transmission properties, usage purposes, flammability properties, resistance to ultraviolet rays. Thermal insulation materials should generally be light, odorless, resistant to decay, resistant to decay, and long lasting. The thermal insulation materials are structurally grained, fibrous, cell-structured, reflective, and reflective. Heat insulation materials include glass wool, rockwool, expanded polystyrene, polyurethane foam, phenol and glass foam.

How Is Thermal Isolation Made?

Heat insulation on the roofs is used between the roofs, heat insulation on the roofs is placed between the rafters on the roof. In reinforced concrete breaking buildings, isolation is made on the concrete surface. The polyurethane foam is applied under the roof and the floor with mobile insulation. Isolation tool is applied by spraying to application surfaces with specially equipped machine and spray gun under high pressure. Thanks to the rapid reaction of polyurethane, it can be applied to any tough surface and can be inflated to 40 times the volume.

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