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How To Do Membrane İnsulation

It also provides a professional service in Membrane Roof Applications as well as the service offered in all Roof Services. Attention should be paid to the right membrane selection and application for the area where water insulation is to be applied, such as roof, terrace, foundation, curtain. Use of two layers of membranes (bitulin) on floors of flat or sloping slopes up to 5%, glass floors of lower floors, polyester floors of second floors.

Our company satisfies our customers without sacrificing quality and fast service in application of roof membrane. After the discovery of the place of application if necessary the construction of the roof or repair is made, depending on the request is made of heat insulation and double layer membrane is applied.

In the detonation, we serve you with the stony membranes which are not only loads on the building but also the image aesthetics are excellent.

Membrane Benefits

  • İt s lighter than tile and soil products
  • Sealing is much higher because there are no parts
  • Transportation and transport is very easy.
  • Application is faster than soil-based materials
  • Repairs are very easy.
  • It is more resistant to impact.

Care should be taken to ensure that the floor to which the membrane adheres is clean and dry. To ensure good retention, one coat of liquid primer should be applied to the floor.

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