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How to make a rocking mantle?

How to make a rocking mantle?

Lacquered mantle is a mantle system that stands out among the applications of thin plaster as the mantle system which determines the highest quality among all applications. Although it is a very durable system, it is necessary for all materials to be compatible with each other and to be of high quality in order to be able to last for many years with long life and good quality. Many different companies have started to do mantles in this way by developing their systems in the mantle wrapping system.

Rockwool is an insulation material formed by melting basalt stone at very high temperatures. Basalt stone is an inorganic material and can be supplied locally.

The stone can be produced in different specifications, depending on the size of the work or the place to be used. This insulation material, which can be produced in the form of different covering materials, is frequently used in the market with heat insulation, sound insulation, fire insulation and acoustic arrangement desks.

The thermal conductivity of the stone is 0.040 W / mK. With such a low thermal conductivity, stone is the most used and most valuable insulation system in the market.

In addition to this, the resistance to water diffusion and diffusion of rocks is also 1. At this point, the steam will leave the building and create a humidity free environment.

It has a durability between -50 degrees and 650 degrees. When we examine our earth, there are no lower or higher places than these grades, so stone insulation can be used all over the world.

We can easily say that the durability of the size will continue for many years without any difference from the fact that the durability of the durability is such that the durability and the durability are so.

Before the rock cladding is done, the outer hatches and the sills are installed on the outside and a rough construction is applied. Then the materials to be used are placed on this front with the help of special yarns and scales. Special adhesive is applied to the back of the insulating material to be used with trowel. This special adhesive can be applied to different corners, taking into account the facade surface. Plates that are plastered with the help of trowel, side by side and lower side of the water line after the profile is properly aligned, special plaster is applied to the surface with the help of special trowel. This plaster should be lightweight aggregate and rigid. This applied plaster is covered with a fiber net and the decorative covering is made after the lining of this net is laid.

Although the cost of mantle wrapping seems to be expensive for many people, it is amortizing itself after it is used. The price varies according to the structure and quality of the material used in this range.

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