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How To Repair Chimneys ?

Chimneys must be found in buildings heated by heating or stove system. Chimneys are the most important sections that allow the discharge of smoke and heat. It is known that poisonings and even deaths are experienced due to problems in the chimneys. Chimneys are usually made of reinforced concrete or brick. The chimneys must be finished at half or one meter above the floor of the roof. In addition, if a higher building is found soon, the chimney’s healthy traction is prevented. For this reason, the chimneys must be of certain dimensions and characteristics.

On the other hand, if the chimneys are open, it is possible to prevent the smoke from being lost due to the strong winds, and it is possible that the chimney cannot be obstructed and function due to rain, snow, hail or other substances in the air. There is no doubt that there will be serious problems in such a situation. It is also seen that birds are nesting in open chimneys. Due to the winter months and burning stoves or heaters, both animals are dying and chimneys are blocked. In order to prevent such problems, chimney roof hats are usually made on the chimneys.

Chimney roof hats also wear out over time due to wind or other external factors. It is therefore necessary to replace or repair chimneys. In the case of neglecting the repair of the chimneys, the above mentioned problems are highly probable.


Roof hat is an application carried out on the roof as a repair. So it is a work that requires attention and care. Renovation of chimneys, repair of hats, repair and transfer of roofs require skill and experience.

If you want your roofing to be handled smoothly and your roofs are not a problem for you, you should leave the master to work.

We work to make your houses more livable with our expert staff and innovative projects on roof hat repair and all other roofing works. The roof is our specialty.

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