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How To Repair Roof?

Roofs can deform over time as they protect buildings against natural factors. They must therefore be repaired at specific time intervals or in the event of any damage. Roof repair is at least as sensitive and specialized as roofing.

First of all, the roofs need to be regularly revised every year. In a few years, it is imperative that major parts be completely renewed. It would be best to demolish the roofs that have been neglected or too old or that caused problems due to wrong construction. Because the roof is as important as the foundation of the building.

Roofs are the top elements of structures. Protects the building from rain  other natural effects (hot, cold, wind). The roofs are composed of two parts as carrier and roof covering. In the repair of the roof, the worn-out materials and the carrier system must be replaced separately. Carrier part is made of wood and steel carcass. The roof slope is calculated by calculating the type, weight and load of the coating materials.

After the parts that require repair are identified, the roof skeleton is reworked. Because neglecting this part on a roof that needs to be repaired and whose skeleton is damaged needs to be neglected. The whole roof rises above the skeleton. For this reason, the roof skeleton is more important than anything else.

Repair of damaged parts of the roof covering material is then required. If it is worn, the insulation material under the roof covering is changed. Then the roof covering is repaired. Chimneys, chimney bottoms and water streams and other parts are repaired and the roof repair work is completed if necessary.

You should not neglect to make your roof in certain periods. It is more healthy to replace the damaged roofs rather than renovations.

İmportant Tips

  • Insulation or coating materials to be used in roof renovation works should be used according to project or detail.
  • Persons who are going to renovate the roof should take security measures.
  • The materials used in the roof maintenance and repair applications must be guaranteed on a world basis.
  • During renovation, fire precautions must be taken.

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