Installing Standing Seam Metal Roofs


When workers install standing seam metal roofs they are at risk of falling. Using a personal fall arrest system (PFAS) is the most common way to control falls during residential construction. However, these systems are not the only way to protect
workers. This fact sheet describes various steps that roofing contractors may be able to take before and during roofing jobs to keep workers from falling.

The fall protection methods in this fact sheet may not be suitable in all situations. Employers are
responsible for ensuring compliance with applicable OSHA requirements Workers Can Fall While Roofing Roofers installing standing seam metal roofs risk permanent injury or death from falls. Even experienced roofers are exposed to unpredictable fall hazards caused by sudden gusts of wind, loose roofing materials and surfaces that become slick when wet. Taking appropriate fall protection measures reduces risks and saves lives.

The employer must provide a training program for each worker who might be exposed to fall hazards. The program must enable each worker to recognize the hazards of falling and train each worker in the procedures to follow to minimize these hazards. For fall protection training requirements. In all cases, employers must evaluate the hazards and take measures to reduce the risk of falls.  Installing Standing Seam Metal Roofs Safely: Important Steps Before beginning the job, focus on identifying fall protection needs. Survey the roof to determine if there are pre-installed anchorages available that can be used. If not, then begin planning immediately to identify those systems needed to protect workers from falls and have them in place before the workers report to the job.

Preparing the Work Site Safeguarding against hazards is as important to preventing fatal falls as having good fall protection equipment. Before work begins on a roof, employers need to prepare the site to protect workers from situations that could cause them to fall.


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