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Metal roof history

Metal roofing has always been considered a premium roofing system, often reserved for the most important of buildings and centers of worship. In a few extreme cases, metal roofs have even been made out of gold! The long life of metal roofs is well known and documented. there are metal roofs that are in good condition for thousands of years. Historic old metal roofs
were built in the Middle East around 675 A.D. or even earlier. They were especially suited to the domed and rounded roof styles of the area.

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Figure 2-6
Metal Roof Showing European Influence 2.2.3 Modern Production and Growth For centuries, these styles were fabricated at the point of installation (on site) with the simplest of hand tools. The metal was soft and easily formed. Metal roofing remained in this state until the industrial revolution arrived. This brought major changes to the methods, tools, and materials of metal roofing.

The Dome of the Rock, Finished In 691

Now Has a Gold-Leafed Aluminum Roof Improvements in mining and refining techniques, innovations in fabrication tools and equipment, and the development of new materials allowed new styles of metal roofing to emerge.

2.2.4 Fabrication Methods Hand Tools and Soldering
2.2.2 European Influences

When the roofing craft migrated from the Middle East to Europe during the Crusades, metal roofing changed. Metal roof profiles adapted to architectural and air styles prevailing in Europe Steep roof areas and tiered roofs would shed snow and ice, damaging the seams used at the time. A strip of wood was inserted between the panels and their upright joints. A new
seam style was created – the batten seam. The addition of a separate joining component, the batten cover, locked into the two uprights and covered the joint.

Hand tools we use are a critical part of metal roof assemblies (See Figure 2-7). The first tools, though, were simplistic and crude. Mallets, malletting anvils, tongs, hand and foot brakes were standard tools. Simple pan formers appeared later.

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