Roof Cleaning


The average life of the roof cleaning is assumed to be ten years. It is certain that this period will be extended if the roofs are regularly cleaned and repaired and repaired. The roofs are also dirty. Because the weather conditions and the negative impacts of the external world are most felt are the roofs of buildings. Considering that most of the roofs are not used, it will be inevitable that the pollution caused by the roofs that have not been cleaned for a long time will damage the building.

When cleaning the roof, cleaning with water and cleaning material should not be understood. When cleaning the roof, water is also cleaned but it is not enough to talk about a roof cleaning. Roof tiles, roofs, roofs, insulating materials, chimneys, water troughs and streams and other parts of the roofs must be cleaned.

Roof Cleaning

Industrial vacuum cleaners, cleaning materials, various chemicals and pressurized water are used when cleaning the roof. In addition, the obstruction in the pipes is detected by special tools and opened with water or chemicals. Due to excessive dust, dirt, rain or snow, the areas are dirty and badly cleaned with brooms and water. Clogged chimneys are also opened and cleaned. Contamination and blockages in closed water streams are also cleaned and the water is released. Thus, problems will be prevented due to pollution in roofs.

Roof cleaning is a separate application. Roofing is a work that must be carried out separately and regularly. Polluted roof means problematic roof. When this neglected and neglected situation is added, the cost of the work will be multiplied. Without such a problem, it will be possible to prevent possible bigger problems by making roof cleaning, which is much more economical and practical.



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