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Roof Diagnostics

Problems in roofs can be caused by many different reasons. However, if the cause is caused, a problem on the roof will affect the entire building and will result in highly costly results. Therefore, the problems arising from a problem you do not know on your roof should be identified and resolved as soon as possible.

Most of the roof problems are water leaks. Water leaks are caused by either the building’s water installation or roof cover or other parts of the roof. It is difficult to recognize the cause of the water leak by someone who does not understand. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the source of the problem correctly by checking by a master who is experienced in roofing.

Roof fault detection should be done with modern devices especially in multi-storey buildings. By means of the audio listening means, the exact origin of the leakage is determined. Such tools can easily detect which pipe, wall or roof section of the drip or leak occurs. This will unnecessarily prevent the destruction of walls and other parts of the roof. If this inspection does not detect a leak in pipes and plumbing, the problem is caused by the roof.

The main cause of water leakage on roofs is caused by deformation in insulation or roof cover. Since roofs are the most open part of buildings, it is considered normal to have such problems. The important thing is to find the solution in time and find the solution.

Roof insulation, roof coverings, chimney bottoms, water troughs are easy to unravel and solve after problems are detected. If necessary, the insulation material and roof covering are replaced, the chimneys are repaired and the insulation is renewed. Joints are secured to prevent water leakage.

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