Roof drainage system


Lindab Rainline roof drainage system with eight different colors.
The deployment of color and integration is very simple. Can be used to make the overall tone of the house
Details of the embellishment, but also can be boldly used to create a bright spot in the house color.
White painted wall with a red drain is not very good? Will be unique in copper
Metal pipe installed on the gray stone wall is also good. Give tile red gutter choice
Is not the white drain compatible with the color of the roof and wood?
House renovation program, millions. Your home taste, you choose.
Lindab Rainline Features Profile
• Flexible and durable
Complete set of components
• Easy to install
• Snap-on assembly
• Various colors

Lindab Rainline roof drainage system in durability, flexibility and ease of installation
The easiest aspects are second to none.
The system is designed by professionals for professionals. And has gradually become a user
The first choice. The high wear resistance of Lindab Rainline is a very important factor
Because, can guarantee the use of dozens of years without rusting, watertight.
Hard as steel
Steel is both durable and versatile, but it needs to be professionally machined.
Lindab buys more than 200,000 metric tons of steel each year (equivalent to making 50)
Million cars required steel consumption). This shows our professionalism
Steel is durable
Steel is the ultimate material for roof drainage systems. Steel is lighter than cast iron and hotter than plastic
Good migration performance (plastics will move, create cracks and leaks), cheaper than cast aluminum.
Galvanized steel
In order to be more durable, rust-proof, an area of 275 grams of zinc plated steel plate
coating. Galvanized layers have the ability to self-heal, scratches or cuts can be automatically applied
Zinc ions seal, because the zinc ions will be free to uncoated steel parts, will it


Lindab Rainline’s superb design makes it the home of choice for many blacksmiths
Top drainage system. The unique design of the system and the overall quality is the perfect complement
Card, install fast, high performance, not bad for decades.
Gutters and downpipes come in a variety of sizes and a wide range of components, of any type
Buildings can be applied, regardless of their size, regardless of their architectural style for the classical school
Still modernist. In fact, once installed Lindab Rainline system,
You can do it once and for all, you have no reason to change it – unless you want to give it
Put on a new color.
Advanced snap-fit ​​assembly
Each component of the Lindab Rainline system is based on the highest quality standards and
The smallest tolerances are designed and manufactured. Therefore, each part in the system one
Buckle a piece, easy to assemble, with close perfect.
In line with existing standards
Lindab Rainline is a longtime blacksmith and craftsman in many countries of the world
crystallization. It meets the current European standards.
Give architects and engineers good advice
The Lindab Rainline system comes with a wealth of documentation, advice and software on hardware
Tools for installers as well as architects, engineers and consultants.

Wisdom brackets
This bracket can be adjusted with any roof slope
With Both solid and easy to install.

End plug
These plugs use EPDM tubes for self-sealing.
Plug can be reversed, that is, a plug in the gutter around
Available at both ends. And easy to install, as long as hard
A knock on it.

Pipe clamp
This kind of pipe clip is made of only one steel plate, in the pipe
When installed on the road, just two hands a force can be a clip.
There will be no missing attachment or crooked attachment

Gutter connector
These joints are not only easy to assemble, but also connect the parts
Very strong and durable. The connector is durable
EPDM seal, to ensure no water leakage.

This multi-function nozzle with just one click, you can snap into
Bit, easy to install, with the semi-circular gutter with the very
close. Can be installed in the gutter after installation.


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