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Roof waterproof really good? How to deal with rainy season housing waterproofing problem?

The nationwide rainy season is approaching, your home waterproof roof work well? Do not wait until the rainy roof leaking to think of waterproofing Oh! Here let Xiaobian take you to know about the roof waterproof construction and some common common sense handling it!

Home decoration roof waterproofing is a very important project, the quality of the project related to the life of the house, but also a direct impact on our quality of life. According to statistics, there are several reasons for roof leakage: 20% to 22% of materials, 18% to 26% of design, 45% to 48% of construction, and 6% to 15% of management and maintenance. Currently there are many new roof waterproof material, but the membrane waterproof layer still occupies an important position in this room home Xiaobian talked about the roofing membrane waterproof construction.

1, pre-construction technical preparations

Before the construction of waterproofing project, the construction team should organize technical personnel to inspect the roofing engineering drawings, grasp the concrete structures and related technologies in the construction drawings, and prepare the construction technical solutions of the roofing according to the actual conditions of the project. This can avoid leaving defects after construction, resulting in rework, and construction should be planned in accordance with the construction of the organization to prevent omissions in the work, affecting the quality of the project.

2, the quality requirements of waterproof materials

Waterproofing materials used in housing waterproofing should have material quality certification documents, and the designated testing department certification to ensure its quality in line with relevant regulations. The construction unit shall take the sample re-inspection in accordance with the provisions and the sampling re-inspection shall be conducted in strict accordance with the witness sample sending and sampling system. Upon witness of the representatives of the construction unit or the personnel of the supervision unit, the construction workers shall sample at the site and send them to the laboratory for inspection. After passing the test, submitted to the re-examination of the test report after the single can be used in waterproofing projects. Prohibited the use of unqualified waterproof material in the project.

3, roof waterproof construction points

(1) Environmental requirements for construction

In order to ensure the construction operation and the quality of the membrane pavement should be at +50 C ~ +350 C temperature construction; polymer modified bitumen and polymer waterproofing membrane should not be below the negative temperature construction, hot melt method paving the membrane can Construction at temperatures above -100C, this coil is resistant to low temperatures, not easily frozen in the negative temperature. Rain, snow, frost, fog, or atmospheric humidity are too large, and windy weather should not open-air operations, or should take appropriate technical measures.

(2) roof drainage slope requirements

Flat roof drainage slope of 2% to 3%, when the slope is less than or equal to 2%, should use materials to find slope; when the slope is greater than 3%, should use the structure to find slope. Gutter, gutter vertical gradient should not be less than 1%, the difference between the groove bottom shall not exceed 200mm. The diameter of the water drop around the mouth within 500mm slope should not be less than 5%.
Common roof leaking treatment methods

1, first of all, the roof leakage should find the leak, where leakage from where to start, mainly from the roof of the leak to find the first high and low is the roof to see if there is any crack, the original waterproof layer has not aged, the original roof SBS waterproofing membrane has no bubbles, if there is a bubble that water has entered the bottom of the waterproof layer. Check if the roof gutter is clogged. In rural areas, where there is a large number of tile houses, the tiles may be replaced when there is a seepage of the roof due to tile damage. This step is also called “flip-flop.”

Precast panels are mostly used in rural roofs, where there is often a leaky area where the joints between the panels are. Therefore, the simple and economical water leak repair method in the roofs of rural cottages is to spread a layer of asphalt on the roof Stick to the seams, but this method does not last long waterproofing effect; the more durable method is to the left of the roof waterproof layer or coated with latex.

2, the roof leaks or leaks a large area, the professionals should check for cracks, crack according to the method of the previous paragraph, the whole roof covered with waterproof membrane, to enhance the waterproof effect, but also can And then covered with insulation board, the height of the insulation board is generally more than 20 cm, to achieve the dual effect of protection of waterproofing layer and thermal insulation. When the wall cracks seepage, the construction team usually uses the hanging basket, and the maintenance personnel construct the external wall. Large cracks with plug Wang, small cracks with plastic to trap traps, repair with external wall waterproofing agent, after spraying a few can basically. Due to cracks in the outer wall need to work at high altitude operations, Xiaobian homes around the world to remind you, be sure to ask a professional construction team to deal with in case of security incidents. In addition, we also need to pay attention to the construction of waterproof traps, the roof must be dry, because the roof of the water does not evaporate, the new waterproof layer will jack up, the waterproof effect will fail. Therefore, the rainy days should not be construction, to wait until the sun dry the water before construction.

3, Secondly, if the original roof did not do waterproofing, only need to leaking parts of 2 ~ 3cm deep after removing the clean, you use asphalt to pour it, there are finished asphalt coating, and other sunny days to deal with basically Will not leak. If there is a waterproof layer is more trouble, to a piece of water around the tick off, re-waterproof, do pay attention and the original waterproof junction to do to strengthen the layer. There are many ways to deal with leaks, or find some professional leak-proofing companies to deal with this issue. Water leakage in the roof of buildings in the city is closely related to the quality of the building. In general, the water leakage at the roof of a building is caused by the problem of insufficient groundwork and floor slab problems. Therefore, the developers need to solve the problem. Therefore, Company to deal with.

4, some of the urban areas covered with red roof tile leakage occurs, as long as the removal of tiles on the grass, moss or dust replacement tiles, leak-proof effect is leveraged. For flat roofs, clear cracks in the roof, the tool will crack tenons open into a “V” or “U” shape, filling caulking grease, fill in the cracks above and around the use of waterproof membrane wrapped. To enhance the leak-proof effect, you can also shop a layer of waterproofing membrane.

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