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Roofing Processes

Why Roofing ?

Roofing applications are made on sloping roofs. Roofing materials are manufactured in different types and sizes. However, due to the fact that their size is not above certain standards, it is also possible to have problems with their water impermeability properties. Therefore, proper application and construction are important. Large roofing materials are less inclined, and smaller ones are used on more sloping roofs.

Roofing materials are very diverse, such as tiles, wood, cement based, reinforced sheet, metal, bituminous, polymer, glass and natural stone.

Roofing in our country:

In our country, tile, wood and metal coating materials are preferred in the traditional sense. However, due to the change of architectural style, roofing is made with different materials. The tile is the most common type of roofing since it is made of clay and is a material found everywhere. However, tile roof materials also vary according to their models. Nowadays, very elegant and different types of tiles are produced and the tile roof concept is visually different. Tile roof coverings usually form a wooden roof skeleton.

Metal roofing materials can be made of different metals. Metal; It is a preferred type of roofing because it is easy to process, easy to shape and light. It is also used in roofs due to its durability. Materials such as zinc, lead, copper and aluminum are resistant to external conditions.

Wood roofing products are generally used in buildings constructed in wood style and they are used due to the lack of carrying capacity of wooden buildings. Besides, roof covering materials of different types and features have been used in our country. These coating materials, which are made with more technological and more durable materials, enable the roofs to be used for long years.

A good roofer can make roofing with all kinds of materials. Not only the coating, but also the skeleton to be placed on the roof to be made properly should come from the hands of a good master.


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