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Terrace Waterproofing Advantages with Polyurea Spray

Waterproofing on terrace is one of the most important issues today. Reinforced concrete structure, screed, glazed tile construction elements do not provide any water insulation on terraces. For this reason, waterproofing on the terrace matter carries a great importance nowadays. The terraces should be considered as walking and usage areas. …

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The Benefits Of Roof İnsulation

Roof İnsulation Roof thermal insulation reduces the heat loss in winter and decreases the temperature in summer. The benefits of roof thermal insulation are not just these. Another of the benefits of roof thermal insulation is its sound-proofing feature. It can prevent outside soundings from entering the building in certain …

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Advantages of steel roof

There are different types of Advantages of steel roof which can be used at any time. Mainly the time and effo   rts needed for installation of steel roof are less as compared with other types of roofs. You can get your steel roofs and use them for a long …

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