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Terrace Waterproofing Advantages with Polyurea Spray

Waterproofing on terrace is one of the most important issues today. Reinforced concrete structure, screed, glazed tile construction elements do not provide any water insulation on terraces. For this reason, waterproofing on the terrace matter carries a great importance nowadays. The terraces should be considered as walking and usage areas. …

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Opening the Roof Toll Clog

Roofing costs are collected on the roofs by collecting the water and draining it out of the building. This installation is blocked by various materials due to rain, wind, construction parts or bird droppings, thus preventing the flow of water. This causes water leakage in the pipes and damage to …

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Avoid metal corrosion failure

Seaside areas are often faced with harsh conditions due to the high levels of salt content Corrosion problems. Whether the area is close to seawater, it is often sprayed with sea water Splashing, or occasionally by the turbulent tide, rapid corrosion of materials are phase When worrying about the problem. …

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