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Avoid metal corrosion failure

Seaside areas are often faced with harsh conditions due to the high levels of salt content Corrosion problems. Whether the area is close to seawater, it is often sprayed with sea water Splashing, or occasionally by the turbulent tide, rapid corrosion of materials are phase When worrying about the problem. …

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isolation design

The design of an insulation system is governed by the insulated operating values, which the plant requires after insulation. The values may be: • Emissive • Thermal conditions – Heat loss/Heat gain • Process temperature drop or rise • Condensation prevention • Personnel protection temperature • Optimal economic conditions (See …

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When installing a metal roof, it is important to realize that a system of individual components is being installed that are related to each other, and that depend on the proper installation of each part in order for the system to perform correctly. Understanding this “family of products” and how they are related will make …

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