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House Roofing and Finishes

The roof is the most important structure of a house. The negativity of a building; It is the building element that protects against rain, snow, hail, wind, hot and cold effects and also affects the beauty and soundness of the house. Roofs vary according to their characteristics, models and slopes. …

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How To Repair Roof?

Roofs can deform over time as they protect buildings against natural factors. They must therefore be repaired at specific time intervals or in the event of any damage. Roof repair is at least as sensitive and specialized as roofing. First of all, the roofs need to be regularly revised every …

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EXTERIOR SHEATHING Nowadays, the notion of energy performance in structures is becoming more important than ever, due to increasing energy costs and environmental constraints. Along with this concept, the need to limit the energy losses and gains in the construction has arisen and the applications for energy conservation and sustainability …

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What is Steel Roofing

Steel roofing is the most preferred roof skeleton applied to the factory roof. The steel roof covering ensures your safety and stability in the roof. Steel roof coverings are used on residential roofs or workplace ceilings. Steel roofing applications are generally preferred in factories, industrial buildings and the like. Factory steel roofing applications will be installed in areas with high …

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