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House Roofing and Finishes

The roof is the most important structure of a house. The negativity of a building; It is the building element that protects against rain, snow, hail, wind, hot and cold effects and also affects the beauty and soundness of the house. Roofs vary according to their characteristics, models and slopes. …

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What are the roof types?

Roofing Types Roof designs and roof types are mostly designed to suit the climatic conditions of the area where the building will be built. Roof designs are mostly designed to suit the climatic conditions of the area where the building will be built. roof slope for inner-city buildings in USA …

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Opening the Roof Toll Clog

Roofing costs are collected on the roofs by collecting the water and draining it out of the building. This installation is blocked by various materials due to rain, wind, construction parts or bird droppings, thus preventing the flow of water. This causes water leakage in the pipes and damage to …

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Roof Diagnostics

Problems in roofs can be caused by many different reasons. However, if the cause is caused, a problem on the roof will affect the entire building and will result in highly costly results. Therefore, the problems arising from a problem you do not know on your roof should be identified …

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Roof İnsulation

If you are thinking about roof insulation, we will meet your expectations firstly we can not clarify this. You can take precautions against natural disasters such as rain as well as operations on the roof and dam surface. For example, the problems are almost completely removed, such as the roof …

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EXTERIOR SHEATHING Nowadays, the notion of energy performance in structures is becoming more important than ever, due to increasing energy costs and environmental constraints. Along with this concept, the need to limit the energy losses and gains in the construction has arisen and the applications for energy conservation and sustainability …

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