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Terrace isolation

Water insulation on the terraces needs to be done correctly and perfectly. Waterproofing does not use the right insulation material and if it is included in a poor quality workmanship, water leaks on the terraces are inevitable. The application of polyurea for waterproofing on terraces is of great importance. Polyurea, a terrace insulation material with an average lifespan of 80 years, which can be used instantly without the use of crushing pour on the terraces, has the possibility to apply as one piece in all horizontal and vertical areas regardless of the ground to be applied.

If terrace insulation is not done properly, water leaks in the lower circles are an inescapable reality. The water has a structure that can easily infiltrate the lower floors of the terraces over time due to the joints between the joints. The water escaping from the terraces can be removed by moving the tile from time to time, and at the same time, the darkness on the ceiling of the lower chamber, the dripping of water and the high amount of moisture is not surprising.There are many reasons why spray polyurea is preferred in terrace isolation applications. The application of polyurea coating to ordinary terrace insulation products is a terrace waterproofing application with mechanical strength and chemical resistance which connects all the horizontal and vertical areas applied as a spray in one piece.

Isolation application on tiled ceramic or tiled terraces

In terraces built to walk around, or in areas called open-roofed roofs, concrete slabs and tiles and similar covering products are generally preferred. But the fact that our country is known, but unimportant fact, does not make tile water insulation. If you want to use tile application as a final layer, you need to apply spray polyurethane for thermal insulation and spray polyurea for water insulation. The application of heat insulation as well as the application of waterproofing in tiles is of vital importance.

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