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Terrace Waterproofing Advantages with Polyurea Spray

Waterproofing on terrace is one of the most important issues today. Reinforced concrete structure, screed, glazed tile construction elements do not provide any water insulation on terraces. For this reason, waterproofing on the terrace matter carries a great importance nowadays.

The terraces should be considered as walking and usage areas. The concrete table should be suitable for waterproofing.  Because of building fall into place within a period and invisible movements, there occurs some capillary cracks over the building.

Although a good table is made, these cracks cause rapid water currents to form. The terraces and roofs carry the risk of water permeability. Water, today, is the most difficult substance to stop and prevent. From this point of view, precautions must be taken.A building that receives water loses its health.

It is a material that can easily pass through all open porous surfaces in liquid state. Water is a substance that must be kept away from all materials that are natural in the constructed structure. When we look from this point, waterproofing in open terraces gains importance in every aspect.

Polyurea coating thanks to its high elasticity, protects the health of the structure by absorbing the cracks that may occur on the terraces.

  • Due to there is no joints, water cannot find a point that can escape.
  • Thanks to its mechanical strength, it provides all kinds of usage on it.
  • It is applicable according to Ral colors. Therefore, it has a decorative appearance for many years.
  • Waterproofing of terraces is important for the corrosion of the building.
  • Therefore, Polyurea coating extends the life of the building and protects it from corrosion.

Thanks to its high UV resistance, it can be applied on all kinds of surfaces such as concrete, glazed tile and ceramic and provides waterproofing as well as building life.

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