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The Benefits Of Roof İnsulation

Roof İnsulation

Roof thermal insulation reduces the heat loss in winter and decreases the temperature in summer. The benefits of roof thermal insulation are not just these. Another of the benefits of roof thermal insulation is its sound-proofing feature. It can prevent outside soundings from entering the building in certain decibel range.

Roof Thermal İnsulation

Warming air rises, the winter months when you try to warm your body while you are cold, the upper part of the body is cold. The reason for this is the rising hot air.

In buildings with roof insulation, rising hot air cannot get out of the building and return. This allows you to economically save money. It contributes to your budget by paying itself off in a short time. The roof can be heated more efficiently with thermal insulation.

Roof İnsulation Methods

There are many methods of roof thermal insulation application.  There are many reasons that determine these methods. Insulation can be made for concrete building under construction. In existing buildings, insulation can be made by gluing the materials to the roof part.

How To Make Roof Heat İnsulation

  1. The first stage of roof thermal insulation is to have information about the state of the house.
  2. it is not possible to estimate which type of insulation is preferred without having information about the state of the house.
  3. In addition, the city’s climate, the heat source used in the house as a variety of information blended roof thermal insulation is reached.
  4. Unfinished buildings can be used to cover the outside of the wall (sheathing) and glass wool can be used on the roof.
  5. For the building whose construction has been completed, it is preferable to use tile insulating material on the roof.

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