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Things to Watch Out for Tile Roof Construction

Things to Watch Out for Tile Roof Construction

In the construction of tile roof, it is firstly necessary to consolidate the floor with wooden coating. The skeleton of the roof is completed by giving the slope required for the tiles to not slip. In addition, the tiles on the slightly inclined gables are laid out on top of one another. Generally, the work of arithmetic starts from the corners and the base.

A wrong tiled tile, due to domino effect, will cause the other tiles to be misaligned, so it is necessary to be careful in practice. Also, since tiles can be broken during transportation or during application, transportation and application in tile roof construction work must be done in a sensitive way. So it is not with any roof master; It is very important to be working with an expert roof tile expert.

How to build a tile roof?

The question that many people who are in need of a tile roof is the first question that comes to mind, is how to make a tile roof. The most appropriate answer to this question will be done by expert personnel. Experienced rooftop masters who have received necessary safety precautions and mastery certificates construct the best, most accurate and most durable roofs. If we take a brief look at the construction stage of tile roofs;

Selection of quality materials,
Providing employees’ safety,
Roofing with tiles,
Isolation of chimneys and other vulnerable points against water leaks,
If necessary, the gutters are cleaned.

What are Tile Roof Models?

Since the tile is a baked material, it has high heat insulation and heat insulation. In addition to this, the tiles also provide a natural appearance and the roofs of the houses are elegant. Nowadays, with different kinds of tiles, it becomes possible to show more elegant appearance of the roofs of the buildings. Tile roofing models are named according to the type of tile used.

Now let’s take a look at some of the shortest known tile roof models;

Marseille Tile Roof Model

Marseille tiles are the most used and sold tile variety in our country. It is a model with a very low water permeability because it is in a structure that can be clamped to the tiles at the top and at the top and at the top.

Ottoman Tile Roof Model

The Ottoman model, called Alaturka tile, comes to the forefront with its aesthetic appearance and high water transfer properties. It is a product that is compatible with all kinds of roof type and it is applied in an uninterrupted manner.

Granada Tile Roof Model

The roofs made with this tile are usually roofs of the villas. This roofing model, which is frequently used in the Mediterranean basin, is possible to cover many areas with little tiles.

What To Look Out For When Calculating Tile Roof?

It is possible to decorate the roofs with tiles which are made of kilden and have a stylish appearance with red-brown structure. Besides, it is also important how much the cost will come up if our roof is covered with tiles. Here are a few important points: First, the choice of the lime to be used must be made. The size of the selected limestone should be determined and how many tile grooves should be calculated per square meter. It will be appropriate to answer this question as to how the roof tile account is made.

When calculating, the inclination of the roof should not be confused. Generally, the result obtained by multiplying the width and the width of one side of the frame is multiplied by two to calculate the dimensions of the entire frame. If a square meter is found multiplied by the number of tiles that are found after finding the total square meters, how much tiles will go to the roof can be calculated.

The total cost is calculated on the unit tile price after the tile ad is revealed. Mahya tiles are used to close the joints of the two sides of the roof and their account is also made. While tile roof prices are being calculated, expert opinion is required.

What are the Advantages of Roof Tiles According to Other Roofing?

Tile roof material is separated from other roofs in some aspects. To summarize these advantages:

It is a material that allows the building to look aesthetically.
When prepared by baking method, heat stability and heat retention are high.
Unless you put a weight on it or do not play it, it will last quite long.
Since it is produced in small molds, maintenance and repair are easy and inexpensive.
These roofings have many advantages over other roofing products.

Why is it necessary to coat tile roofs with gold insulation materials?

Although there is a heat trapping and waterproof structure, the roof tile water insulation is very important. Coating the bottom of the roof with various insulating materials is also a necessary and important element for easier heating of the building.

Roof tiles are usually covered with roofing materials such as PVC membranes or flat membranes. In addition, the waterproofness of the roofs is increased with different materials. Prices for under-roof roofing vary according to the material used.

Wondering about the Cost of Tile Roof Construction

The price calculation work should be done by knowledgeable specialists while covering the roof with tile roofing material. The reason for the need for a good expert is that it is part of the main structure of the roof and the correct calculation of the strength values is important. Since the construction of tile roofs is a business where the business is technical part, it is in place to get help from an expert.

Besides, climatic conditions and external factors are factors that should be taken into consideration when calculating the cost. We need the support of an expert in calculating roof tile prices for details such as calculation of cubic meters of the roof, checking the adequacy of the sub-structure. It should not be forgotten that the tile roof is an artifact with a lot of detail and detail.

In this roof type, construction is separate; the repair must be calculated separately.

Replacement of tile roofing material and replacing old tiles with new ones is a necessary process for providing water permeability and thermal insulation. Whether the tile roof transfer, from scratch to make the costs can be revealed after the expert review. Renewal prices are lower than when they are made from scratch.

Also, while calculating tile roof costs, the impact of the bottom insulation material and the material used to isolate the chimney or feet should not be forgotten.

What are the types of tiles?

The tile is not a uniform material but has many kinds. We can list the most used tile varieties in the market as follows:

  • Ottoman tile
    Marseille tile
    Mahya tile
    Granada tile
    Mediterranean tile roof pro

These tile varieties and different tile roof models can be put forward. Different types of tiles can be used according to the needs of different buildings. When it is considered as color, red or brick colored tiles are frequently preferred today. In addition to this, it is also possible to get a stylish look of the buildings with tile roofing without using tiles.

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