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Tile Roofing

Tile Roofing

Tile is a roof covering material obtained by baking clay. It has a long history. Firstly, tiles have begun to be produced interlaced. The production of transitional tiles has the potential to cover with less and therefore less weight.

It is desirable that the tiles have no disability such as scaling, striking, cracking. A good tile should make a loud noise when hit with a metal. Today’s types of tiles are Marseille, Alaturka tiles, Corrugated tiles, Roman tiles and Flat tile tiles

The tile, which is the most aesthetically pleasing roofing material that has been used for over a thousand years, can now be applied with waterproofing, excellent ventilation and heat insulation systems.It creates excellent roof systems with heat insulation along with tile and on demand.


Guaranteed System

1-) Tile
2-) Water insulation
3-) Thermal insulation

Below the tile model you will find Isoline or Rufoline, a tile or round plate that will provide water isolation. Below these will be xps thermal insulation board which will prevent heat loss of your building, you will have a warmer usage area in cooler winters in summer.

Thanks to the air gaps under the grooves of the Levans, the steam is expelled without condensation, and the air flow formed between the tiles and the plate contributes to the heat insulation by drying the tiles more quickly. Thanks to the special entrances on the Levans, the tiles are both slippery and have a smooth appearance. The impermeability is always safe because the water leaking under the tile can freely run through the bottom of the gutter.

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