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What are the roof types?

Roofing Types

Roof designs and roof types are mostly designed to suit the climatic conditions of the area where the building will be built.

Roof designs are mostly designed to suit the climatic conditions of the area where the building will be built. roof slope for inner-city buildings in USA was determined to be 33%. Besides, what are the types of roofs, how many roofs are there.

  • Roofing

It is a rectangular and simple form of roof. The drip system installed to drip the rain drip at the same level all over the building.

  • Single sloping roof

The single sloping roofs, also known as half-gable roofs, measure the volume with only one roof surface. The corner is covered with a shield wall. It may be dangerous if the flat side wall is open to pressure.

  • Roof in the form of pilgrimage

The roof-shaped roof built on a square plan consists of two gable roofs. At the same time all walls are built as high as the shield wall.

  • Flat roof

Compared to sloping roofs, flat roofs known as economic formations are more than buildings with deep depths.

  • Mansard roof

It is named after the French architect Mansard. In small designed buildings, a side wall is built. In order to make the roof profile look beautiful, it is necessary to choose suitable models. There are very few examples in our country regarding these roofs.

Something About Roofs

The construction of the roof seems to be as easy as it is supposed to be, but not as easy as it is thought. A construction that requires mastery is roof construction. Therefore, it should not be a job that you can trust with everyone.

You need to do it in a way that you can trust. For this reason, we are trying to serve you with our best masters. We are implementing it rather than working. The subject of roofing is as important as possible. Sometimes you can enter the roofing business in order to protect your home from the cold sometimes in order not to enter the heat. For this reason, you need to know that you are in very reliable hands when doing the roofing work.

In addition, the material used should be more important. And we make the best materials for you with the best and the best. As a master team, we strive to provide you with the best opportunities. Particular attention should be paid to the fact that roofing materials are primarily waterproof. If water-permeable materials are used, this does not benefit you or benefit us. Therefore, the materials we use are of the highest quality.

While we are thinking about you, we are also thinking about ourselves and our name. Because if we are creating a bad system, then we need to think about it. The better the job done, the more customer earnings can be achieved. Considering these reasons, we do not refrain from serving you with the best materials and the best craftsmen.

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