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What is The Granada Tile ?

If aesthetics is the first choice…
Chosen for roofs in which aesthetics is the most important factor. It creates your dream roof with its widely-curved top and side clamping design. Granada Tile which forms the roofing culture of Mediterranean civilizations offers a unique beauty and privilege especially for architecture of villa type buildings. It provides an aesthetic appearance to the roof with 15 pieces of use per square meter.


  • Dimensions: 24×40,5cm (±%2)
  • Weight: 3000gr (±100gr)
  • Pieces per Square Meter: 15 pcs/m²
  • Endurance: 400 Kgf (±20kgf)

Advantages of Granada Tile

1- – Channels close completely, which provides extra waterproofing.

2- Curved structure provides perfect aesthetics to the roof. This is a unique feature which no other roofing material has, making this product commonly preferred by customers.

3- It hardly shows dust and dirt thanks to its smooth surface.

4- Water intrusion through nail holes is impossible.


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