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What is the Polyurea Coating ?

Polyurea Coating is an extraordinary miraculous product. However, contrary to what is known, polyureas are not a cure for every problem in the insulation and coating sector. So they do not apply everywhere.

For example, bitumen cannot be sprayed directly on products, or even sprayed with a primer. However, polyurea is an unrivaled product in the usable areas.

What is Polyurea and How is it Applied?

Polyurea is applied using commercially available multi-component machines. It should be applied by trained, professional personnel.

The polyurea amine component and the isocyanate component are typically provided in two-barrel sets. The components must be transported and stored according to specific procedures.

In the machines used to apply polyurea, isocyanate and amine proceed with pressure up to the spray gun at a ratio of one to one by means of heated hoses. The two materials are kept separate throughout this system until they are combined with the gun, mixed in the gun and applied by spraying.

Polyurea Coating

What is Polyurea and what are its properties?

Many of the world’s marine aquariums have turned to polyurea coating technology due to their rapid commissioning, the ability to achieve stable colors without UV exposure, and superior physical properties compared to traditional primers.

What is Polyurea and UV Resistant?

Polyurea is also widely used in the water and wastewater industries and is an ideal coating for most water tanks, including saltwater. Polyurea can withstand many chemical gases produced in waste treatment plants and even harsh UV lighting used to kill bacteria.

What is Polyurea?

  1. Polyurea is the latest technology in waterproofing and industrial coatings.
  2. Polyurea provides spray applications.
  3. It is applied in terraces, foundation curtains, and pools with high efficiency in water insulation.
  4. 750 square meters of application capacity per day

Polyurea is a more efficient product in the waterproofing coatings of the future due to its advanced technology chemical structure.

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