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What is Waterproofing and how to apply?

The waterproofing used in the construction sector provides long-standing and durability of the newly constructed buildings. The waterproofing system must be applied from the roof of the building to the foundation.

As a result of technological developments, more robust and durable materials are produced. These materials are used in all over the buildings with the new generation vehicles to extend the life of the building and reduce the possible costs. Isolation, paint, concrete, iron, and so on.

Waterproofing Problem Solution

These systems protect the building from many elements. It protects from rain, snow, and other rainfall types, especially in winter. It does not pass the heat inside and outside coldness in winter. In this case, it protects you both materially and spiritually. If you want to get support in waterproofing you can find various companies with us immediately. So you can always be protected from the cold in winter and from the heat in summer.

Waterproofing systems are also important to prevent external façade from wearing out for a long time. This insulation not only extends the life of the building when done correctly but also shortens the life of the building when done incorrectly.



Insulation or isolation is defined as the coating of external surfaces from external factors such as rain and groundwater; to prevent corrosion or deformation of living spaces such as houses, buildings, common areas, etc. There are various types of heat and water insulation, and they built based on construction to protect the surface from moisture and dampness.

How to apply?

Water is a substance that causes the most damage to buildings. It damages the carrying columns and statics of buildings when the building takes in water or has water leaks, and most importantly it causes the collapse of buildings at the time of ground shaking such as earthquakes.

Therefore, waterproofing is extremely vital. Besides, the comfort of life decreases in buildings that are not waterproofed. After a while, it becomes a health threat. Waterproofing can also be applied to aged buildings and the buildings that already have water leakage.

These are;
Roof and terrace waterproofing systems applied to pools

Waterproofing applications are also performed in two different systems. Foundation wall insulation and injection these systems.

Attention to Waterproofing

It is a method used to ensure that the structures last longer than normal. Particularly essential for a healthy, comfortable and safe building. Particularly necessary to avoid damage to wood, metal, brick and all other materials. You can contact us with waterproofing materials. You can easily find almost any material. So you can carry out your transactions without worrying about the quality.

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