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Why Spray İnsulation

For Steel roofing insulation so important. Spray polyurethane spray spray eliminates thermal bridges and saves more energy than conventional insulation applications! But, there are more reasons to choose spray polyurethane foam insulation.

1-) Higher Insulation with Lower Thickness Lower Heat Conductivity Coefficient

Spray polyurethane foam application, continuous insulation and lower thermal conductivity coefficient allows for better insulation.

2-) Faster Application

It allows the isolation of more space with fewer personnel than traditional insulation applications. With the spray polyurethane foam mobile isolation tool, the insulation application of 5001.500 m² area is carried out daily.

3-) Durability

Spray polyurethane foam is more durable than other insulation materials and provides long lasting performance. It is unique in pedestrian traffic openings and garage applications as it has very strong printing resistance. When you walk on it does not yawn and sound, it does not break in contact with water.

4-) Application Areas

  • Industrial roof insulation,
  • Watercraft insulation,
  • Animal shelter insulation,
  • Cold storage insulation,
  • Pipeline insulation,
  • Tank-silo insulation.

Spray polyurethane foam that eliminates heat bridges with spray foam application saves more energy than conventional insulation applications! Spray polyurethane foam new or old structures from foundation to roof at every point of roof insulation, terrace insulation, basic curtain insulation, interfold insulation, exterior insulation (sheathing) as used in spray polyurethane of different areas of industrial roof insulation, watercraft insulation, animal shelter insulation It is also easily applied in cold storage, pipeline insulation, tank-silo insulation applications.

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